About Us

Oscarz team

Meet some of the team! Our team consists of 4 apprentices, 3 advisors and 3 managers!  As you can see, some of the team are missing… We will soon be uploading a photo which includes all of us.


What Web? This Web!

This website has been designed and is run by the Children’s Rights & Participation Team at Surrey County Council, for people just like you! What Web is a hub of information which covers topics such as life skills, health, relationships, employment and education!

We have pulled everything into one place so that you can find the information you need in a quick and easy way, with blogs written by real life people who are living and have lived the experiences you read.

Who are we?

We work for young people all across Surrey, and give them the opportunity to share their views on services that they receive, as well as having lots of fun groups! Some of the groups we run include Care Council and Care Council Juniors, which is for Surrey’s Looked after Children and Care Leavers. We also run a group called Youth Cabinet, which is for democratically elected young people, voted by young people in different boroughs to represent their views on a parliamentary level.

If you would like to get involved with any of our groups, please visit the Contact us page

If you have a passion for writing blogs, and want to write one for us, then please contact us! You can write a blog about anything that you think would be helpful for young people that live in Surrey – just send it to our email address and you could see it featured on What Web!