Youth Cabinet

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What is Youth Cabinet?

Youth Cabinet is a group of 11 democratically elected Surrey young people instigating positive change within their community. Youth Cabinet aims to tackle issues and improve services that are important to young people in Surrey. By working alongside Surrey County Council, the cabinet provides an opportunity for young people to SPEAK, DO and IMPROVE and strive to make positive change for not only for those involved but the whole community.

Who can get involved?

If you are aged between 11-19 or 25 if you have special educational needs. If you live, work or Study in Surrey, you would represents one of the 11 boroughs/districts. The borough/district you would represent is the borough in which you live in. We meet once a month, usually on a Wednesday evening, future dates can be found on our website:

Why should you get Involved?

Be the voice of your community, talk and about everyday concerns that matter to you:-

  • Why can’t I find work experience?
  • Why is there not enough Mental Health Support?
  • Why don’t I know what job I want to do?
  • Why is the media always negative about young people?
  • Why isn’t enough being done about bullying?
  • Why aren’t there any Saturday jobs?
  • Why isn’t my youth centre open every day?

Who to Contact?
Phone: 01483 51946