What are ‘Action Cards’?


Jargon Buster:

Some of the abbreviated terms in this blog might not make sense to you, so let me just clarify:
CC – This means Care council. Our group of young people age 13+ that meet once a month to socialise and have their views and opinions heard.
CRS – This is the children’s rights service. We are the people who plan events, talk to managers and make sure that you have your say!
CLS – This is the care leavers service, they work with 16+ to help you live independently, find a job and a place to live ad make sure you’re okay.

What is an action card?

In the Children’s Rights & Participation Team (in Surrey County Council), children and young people who are in care, or have left care, are able to raise ‘Action Cards’.

An action card is something that they want to stop, start or change about the care system, policies and how things work.

They are raised by care experienced young people, on behalf of other young people, and they are taken to the managers and allocated to Corporate parenting board. (The ones who have the power to change things).

The action cards are then allocated to managers with specialties in that area, an example is if it’s to do with health then it will be sent to a health team manager.

Managers then have two months to come up with a response for young people, and start making a change!

Some of our recent action cards have been…

CARD 54. Care Council (CC) feel that their worker takes too long when they request funding for ID e.g. Passports. Is there a policy on how long workers should take to complete this application?

RESPONSE 54. Care Leavers have agreed that they will take no more than six weeks to complete the application.


CARD 56. Is there a policy on how long it should take PA’s (personal advisors), Social workers and the duty team to get back to us?

RESPONSE 56. Young people should expect a response from their social worker or PA within 48 hours. If they call the duty desk then they will have a response the same day.


CARD 57. Young people would like to receive the Care Council magazine more often, around 4 times a year, is this possible?

RESPONSE 57.  We don’t have capacity for 4 a year however we have funding for 3 magazines a year.


CARD 58. Young people are not allowed access to one of the local school fields, is it possible to gain access as it’s the only safe place for them to play.

RESPONSE 58. Young people have now been granted access to the school field and have a safe place to socialise and exercise.


New Action Cards include…

CARD 59.  The turnover of social workers is too high and has a massive impact on young people, what can be done?

CARD 60. Young people have access to the school field but to the park or cycle path, can this be sorted?

CARD 61. The floors in the ICPC rooms are dirty in all offices, is it possible to get new flooring in the rooms?

If you have any action cards you want to raise, please email them to Care.council@surreycc.gov.uk and we will try and help get it sorted.