Care Council

Care Council Logo 2015

Who are ‘Care Council’?

We are a group of care experienced young people aged 13-15. We meet once a month to talk about the care system and what we are happy with and what could be changed.

We have lots of fun simply socialising and chilling out. We make moves to change the system and make it better. Managers come along to talk to us at some of our hang outs, we go on socials to places like Thorpe Park and the theatre. We have an annual residential trip where we get to know each other and grow as a team.

Why do we do what we do?

Care council is a safe, non-judgmental place where we are able to get together and openly talk about our issues and find support from workers about living life in care. We are real people who care about improving things for others so that they don’t have bad time in care. It’s also a place where you get to meet others on the same or similar positions as each other which is so nice because it makes life a little less lonely. Everyone in the group understands everyone collectively. We are more like a family than a youth group plus we are exclusive to children and young people in care!

Get Involved and have your say!

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Have a look!

If you’re a looked after young person aged 13+ you are more than welcome to come, just contact us on or 01483 519464.